Skippo (DE)


Skippo, based in Cologne (Germany) is known as an international DJ with a techno spirit and a house soul.


The Skippo Adventure started 2016, where he got the chance make his first club experience for the well-known after hour called „Green Komm“. Directly after his set, he became resident and a member of the „Lion-Family“.


From that moment, the Adventure continued and you were able to hear his uplifting Techno and House beats at the biggest LGBTQ+ Events in and around Europe.

In 2018, for example, he joined the one and only La Demence in Brussels. In the same year, LessDramaMoreTechno in Paris, and since 2020 you have been able to see him regular in Berlin for the Revolver Party.


„Hard-driven meets happy motivating“, you can say as a description for his style. But in his view he doesn’t just own „the one Style“.

To reach a great Set you need, besides good mixing skills, to observe the environment, your Settime, the Club, the spirit of the crowd and the DJ style before and after the own set. The ability to transform all this into a perfect-matching musical journey is Skippo’s style.


Every adventure has always a mission. His is: To make you smile!