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COVID-19 Info

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1. Entering Belgium

If you are arriving from outside of Belgium, check the rules that apply to you on


2. Access to the  LA DEMENCE parties, saunas, bars and restaurants in Brussels

You need to present a Belgian Covid Safe Ticket (CST) or a European Digital COVID Certificate, together with a picture identity document (identity card, driving license, … but not a copy).

If your country is not part of the EU, but the EU has recognized your COVID-19 Certificate, make sure to bring the International Certificate that is recognized by the EU, because it usually is different from your National Certificate. This is the case for these countries: Albania, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Morocco, North Macedonia, Panama, San Marino, Scotland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Wales, Turkey, Ukraine.

The COVID-19 Certificate should contain a QR code that will be scanned at the entrance of each party.


What if you don’t have this, or your country is not listed here above?

If you live outside the EU and have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognised by Belgium, you can request your CST through this link:


If you do not have a Belgian CST or a Vaccination Certificate that is recognized, then you will need to do a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) every day that you want to assist to a party.

This can be easily done at Place Poelaert, between 17:00 and midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (29, 30, 31 October).

The cost is €15 per test (€20 between 22:00 and midnight), and it takes less than 1h to get the result via email or SMS.

The result of the test is valid to enter to the party until midnight of the following day that the test was taken.

> a test taken on Friday will allow you to enter on Friday, but also on Saturday, as long as you enter before midnight.

> a test taken on Saturday will allow you to enter on Saturday, but also on Sunday, as long as you enter before midnight.

Make sure that you arrive ahead of time, in case there is a queue before midnight!


There are 2 ways to download your certificate after a RAT:

1) Go to (english language available)

2) Under ‘NEWS’, click on ‘Test result and Certificate from a CTPC code’

3) Enter the ‘CTPC-code’. This is the COVID-19 Test Prescription Code, which consists of 16 digits/letters. You will receive it on the mobile number that you gave. If you provided an email address, you will also receive the code via email. Please note that you will only receive the CTPC code via email and not your certificate.

4) Enter the last 4 digits of your mobile number in the field below the code field.


1) Download and install the CovidSafeBE App on your phone

2) Go to the tab ‘Tests’, click on ‘Receive certificate via ‘CTPC’

2) You will see the text: ‘CTPC code -Retrieving certificates with a CTPC is only possible for people who do not have a national register number or a BIS number. Do you have a national register number or BIS number?’ Click on ‘No’.

3) Enter the CTPC-code and the last 4 digits of your mobile number.

4) Your certificate will be available in the app.


!!! TIPS!!!

If you have a QR Code, you can check yourself its validity to access to the party !!!

Download the CovidScanBE App on your phone and scan your own QR code, and you will immediately see whether you need to get tested or not to get in.

We also strongly advise to print out your COVID QR-code on a paper version and have it ready together with your picture ID. This will accelarate scanning and avoid long queues.


Have fun again!

When arriving at the party, once your QR code has been scanned showing green, and your identity checked, you can remove your mask and party without social distancing, same as before COVID times!